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Principal Massage

Health is an important element of life. People cannot be satisfied only by wealth but health is one of the most important sectors for living a happy life.  Udayan Nursing College nursing students to provide quality health services based on the human needs of the population as a whole. Here we provide additional theoretical and practical education with which students progress through BNMC curriculum based on Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery courses, Basic B.Sc in Nursing and Post Basic B.Sc in Nursing courses.

The sequences we maintain are conducted by our expert teachers as per the specific syllabus depending on the course of study. We seek to promote interprofessional respect among health professionals to eliminate negative and stereotypical attitudes toward nurses and foster a patient-centered approach to practice with integrity and accountability. We build their careers on the values of human dignity, fraternity and equality that guide the systemic functioning of the health sector and how to serve patients with compassion and love. 

It is my hope that the nursing profession will be rewarded with dedication, commitment and millions of smiles through comprehensive nursing care by our well-trained registered nurses. Best wishes to all the officers/employees and students of this institution, almighty bless you all

Mahfuza Khanam


Udayan Nursing College, Rajshahi


Alegance house 107, Housing Road, Ward-15, Sopura, Uposohor Rajshahi.

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