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Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a waste of time. But Action with vision is about making a positive difference″. Societal transformation originates from the student community. Udayan Nursing College presents the ideal academic and cultural environment for the growth and development of students in all facets of life which ensures well-being of an individual as the mankind. The college has ambition in providing leadership in quality Nursing education and making all Nursing students messengers for health and prosperity. The college has a vision involved the development of an institute which would turn students into individual embodying our motto ″Erudito, Peritus and Alitum″. This means ″Knowledge, Skill, and Character″. The vision encompasses the ideal academicians with personage showing a penchant towards the finer ideals of humanity. Archetypically, the scheme is to create an institution that would embrace all the Nursing specialties with high level interaction in Nursing programs. Most importantly, our efforts have proved that the youth are capable of steering this nation on the path of progress by using the power of knowledge. Their attitude towards our solemn tasks has intensified our confidence to build up an institution in nursing education. The students must explore the new horizons in the field of nursing science so that they can expert responsibilities effective manner. Finally, we have been able to create a congenial environment in which students as well as scholars can easily nurture their inherent potentialities. I am certain with our dedication and commitment, this will be achieved.


Dr. Anis Malek

Founder & Chairman

Udayan Nursing College, Rajshahi

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Alegance house 107, Housing Road, Ward-15, Sopura, Uposohor Rajshahi.

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